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An inspiring craft community for women and girls, rooted in the power and strength of our stories and lineage as stitchers.

Queen of my Needle - Cross Stitch Retreats

Stitching Retreats

Reset, Relax, Refresh.

Enjoy the companionable vibe of stitching in community.

Queen of my needle - Book Group

Book Group

A bi-monthly book club
for crafty women who love to read.

Queen of my needle - Brave Stitchers Club

Brave Stitchers Club

Expand your stitching horizons!

Get inspired and inspire others.

Any time women come together with a collective intention… magic happens.

P Rashed

Cross stitch hoop with muted tones of thread showing F is for friends design

Hello Stitching Queens

Welcome to Queen of my Needle, a stitching community moored in the strength and power of women and our lineage as stitchers. 

I’ve created this business as a space where we can connect with our stories and history as women who stitch and women who gather in community; there is power in connection and power in our craft, stitch by beautiful stitch.

The symbol of the Queen, with its sense of sovereignty and personal power, and the deep resonance of nature are both integral to me and my life as a stitcher. Here I will be offering charts, ebooks, and retreats that reflect this, all rooted in positivity for women and girls. We have more beauty than we know, and as we ply our needles we are part of a long stitching history that should make us proud. We are Queens of our Needle indeed.

There are a multitude of ideas that I plan to roll out over time, so please do sign up for my newsletter to be kept in the stitching loop.

And thank-you for being here. The beating, stitching heart of this community is YOU.

Lee x

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A Stitching Alphabet – B is for Borders

A Stitching Alphabet – B is for Borders

There is nothing so fulfilling as cross stitching a border and finding that it meets. That moment (heart in mouth) when you see it coming, that moment when your stitches run to meet each other at a junction, at an edge. Although I’ll have been waiting for this moment,...

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A Stitching Alphabet – A is for Aida

A Stitching Alphabet – A is for Aida

Of course. Aida. Lovely Aida fabric with its perfect grid of squares, big (30 count) and small (14 count). Cotton, open weave, appealing. Usually plain although sometimes flecked, often white or cream, red or green at Christmas (the perfect background for a stocking),...

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X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot

As in Treasure Island and all good adventure stories that contain locked chests and big crackly paper maps (no Sat Navs in these tales, thank-you), what we are looking for, the elusive treasure, is always marked by a cross. A pale background sketchily defined by the...

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