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Hello Fellow Stitchers!

Stitching and Instagram seem to go together exceptionally well, its a daily treat to gawp at gorgeous stitching projects, so please do drop by and say hello. Most recently I’ve been sharing a series of Stitching Queens from art – concentrating hard on small pieces of fabric, stitching whilst dealing with children, stitching in the dappled light of a summer afternoon. They are stitching all sorts but all of them inspire me across time, as I hope they do you.

As well as Stitching Queens from art, and lots of stitching quotes (I LOVE stitching quotes) I will be sharing my monthly blog (an A-Z of cross stitch), while there’s also The Brave Stitchers’ Club, which is the Instagram group where we stretch our stitching boundaries and step up to new and more difficult projects. Its a place to share your most challenging stitching. This quarter I am giving Jacob de Graaf’s glorious 2018 SAL a revisit. You might want to try linen for the first time, attempt a HAED all cover design or start a project with hand dyed instead of commercially dyed floss. It doesn’t have to be technically difficult, just a step ahead of what you normally stitch. Encouraging noises made for everyone who joins.

Brave Stitching Club Instructions: On Instagram, just post a photo or two of the Brave Stitching project you have chosen and a few sentences as to why and what this means for you. Come back and check in with others’ Brave choices for inspiration (maybe give them a thumbs up and a bit of encouragement), and update us regularly with your progress. Simple!

Something many of us forget: the strength of the stitch.

Victoria Loustalot

An inspiring craft community for women and girls, rooted in the power and strength of our stories and lineage as stitchers.

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