Stitch The Season


Retreats are a wonderful way of gathering together and allowing ourselves to be quiet and refreshed, as well as connect with special others.

Would you like to: feel more energised? be in better spirits? feel your best self? make new friends? feel upbeat? be more centred? feel more hopeful? Maybe you’re a bit tired, or even just have a free weekend and would like to gather with other like-minded stitchers?

I sound like one of those old ads for malted drinks and cod liver oil, but really, it doesn’t matter how old we are, whether it’s 2022 or 1822, we need to take time out to look after ourselves, to rest, replenish and nourish our precious selves. And joining in community seems to be a better way of facing stress than hunkering down alone. Indeed, we seem to be living in especially difficult conflicted times, and stress seems to be affecting all of us, whether we’re based in Atlanta or Aldershot.

The idea of a stitching retreat came to me because I so wanted to go to one myself, but there was nothing on offer within distance. I had a vision of a community of women sharing stitches and stories, and making time for themselves, something that’s often so very difficult to do if we arent proactive and extremely protective of our time. I also felt that as nature is so important to so many of us (including me), and essential I think to becoming rooted and refreshed, it would have a strong link to the seasons, which inspire and strengthen me year after year.

I’m so excited to be offering these wonderful retreats to you now. Because they’re online, everyone can join in, no fuss travelling across state or country.

They’ve been designed to appeal to all stitchers who want to stitch with other women in a companionable space inspired by the turning of the wheel, that is, the magnificent bounty of the seasonal year. Retreats are about gathering together and allowing ourselves time to be quiet and refreshed, as well as connect thoughfully with others.

Why Stitch the Season?

Nature is a huge cornerstone in my life and as necessary to me as air and… a number 24 needle running across some 28 count Lugano. The UK is a country with some perfect villages, an awesome sense of history and some wonderful landscapes. I love to get out into the natural world (moors, wolds, rivers and the sea) to explore and recharge on a regular basis. Indeed, along with stitching, which creates a pocket of sanity and joy in my everyday, nature is where I feel most at home. I grow flowers on my allotment (as well as the odd pumpkin), enjoy swimming in lakes and tarns, and remain mesmerised by the seasons. I really wanted to combine these delights and so the idea of a series of seasonal stitching retreats was born. It also made sense because as women we have a deep abiding connection with nature, we really do. As we are rooted in earth and blood and moon, making us seasonal stitchers as well as stitching sisters, it made sense for me to create weekends where we can enjoy the empowering sense of this connection.

Our seasonal stitching retreats will run quarterly (January/April/July/October).

Here, we will enjoy a companionable online weekend together, celebrating women who stitch (us!) and the joy of the season. Guided by a specially designed seasonal ebook, we will get to know each other, take part in stitching activities and enjoy the companionable vibe of stitching in community.

I hope you can join me!

We must make our lives as we sew, stitch by stitch.

Marceline Desbordes Valmore

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Any day spent stitching is a good day


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